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Wonder if you may have overpaid Stamp land Duty Tax?...

Then we’ve got a Company we'd like to talk about introducing to you. We think they’ll be quite beneficial to help you make big savings on your property/site purchases and also on making your property/site sales easier to shift.

Pre and post completion criteria apply to two main residential development site types :

  1. Land purchased with planning for residential units.

  2. Commercial property that was purchase with an intention of converting into residential units under permitted development.

Essentially they are SDLT specialists who advise both the UK Government and the Law Society on SDLT legislation.

For clients, they comb through the legislation to see all the different buying benefits that reduce SDLT costs for the buyer. Based on the many different factors of a purchase they are able to save quite a lot of money on the stamp duty for their clients. This is strictly based on the legislation (not a scheme).

They do this all with no upfront fee, and only make their commission if they make the buyer a saving (their fee is actually coming from the saving).

£ 563,110
Amount successfully reclaimed in overpaid SDLT

It can even be beneficial when selling a property/site, as they can also work out what savings can be made for the new buyers when you are selling a property/site, and this reduction in outgoing funds for the new buyer will have a positive impact on the new buyers numbers and profit, making the purchase of your property/site more attractive to the buyer.

They are doing a lot of work with our buyers and sellers currently and have made a saving on every single case so far.

The savings can be made on any transaction where there is SDLT to pay. The advice is also Fully Legally Indemnified with over £1,500,000 of PI Cover.

If you’re interested please drop us a line to and we will send an introduction email so you can discuss with them.


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