1. The Fastest Growing Economy & One of the Strongest UK Residential Markets

Cambridge has the fastest-growing economy in the UK. Most famous for its University, Cambridge today is the heart of the high-tech “Silicon Fen,” with many global bioscience and technology businesses calling the city 'home'.

The residential property market in Cambridge continues to be very resilient, and for many years, the demand has outstripped supply. Coupled with the steady capital growth, this makes Cambridge very attractive to both property investors and overseas house hunters.

2. Global Employers In Cambridge

The tech giant Microsoft has its Research Laboratory in Cambridge, along with the global chip design giant ARM Holdings, which was acquired by SoftBank of Japan for £24.3bn in 2016, and also has its headquarters in Cambridge.

Apple has its Siri Research & Development Laboratory in Cambridge, Amazon has its development, and AstraZeneca global headquarters moved to the city in 2016.

Founded in 1209, the globally-acclaimed Cambridge University, with a total income of £1.71 billion in 2017, remains one of the world's top five best universities.

3. Employment In Cambridge

To sustain economic and employment growth, development volumes will need to be increased to meet housing demand, as the Cambridge housing market becomes reliant on locality to generate housing.

Cambridge Biomedical Campus is one of the main drivers of the City’s economic success, with 12,300 current employees and 7,500 more jobs forecast in the future, bringing the total to almost 20,000.

4. Cambridge Market Dynamics

The Cambridge market dynamics are characterised by the alignment between economic performance, population growth and the expansion of the residential sector.

The Cambridge growth curve is one of the strongest in the UK bringing into focus its residential market as driven by the outright expansion and changes in household formation patterns.

5. 2017 Government Autumn Statement

The 2017 Autumn Statement presented an increase of £2 billion in government Research and Development spending for each year, taking the total direct R&D spending to £12.5 billion per annum by 2021-22.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Life Sciences and FinTech are set to play an increasingly important role in the economic growth of the UK. As a world leader in life sciences, the Golden Triangle of Cambridge-Oxford-London continues its rapid expansion.

6. Cambridge City Expansion

Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire are predicted to have the fastest population growth rates in the UK over the next 20 years. With increase of 30% and 25% respectively to a total of approximately 340,000 people. Growth at this scale will foster a resilient rental market.

7. Cambridge’s Market Furnishes To Investor Appetite

According to latest reports, buying is cheaper than renting in 60% of UK Towns & Cities, with Cambridge placed in 2nd position after London on the list of cities where rental volumes exceed buying volumes. This furnishes Property Investors with a strong pool of prospective renters.